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            You have joined me here at LEGALCONSEQUENCES.COM because you, like me, accept hardly anything at face value.  I am a lawyer by trade, which means that I ask lots of questions before accepting something as fact.  Each day, current events are shaped by our legal system, and vice versa.  At LEGALCONSEQUENCES.COM,  I will frankly discuss these events as they unfold. 


            I grew up in the 60's and 70's and remember going with my parents, in the waning years of the Vietnam war, to a sit-in in Reseda, California, attended by Jane Fonda and her then-husband Tom Hayden. The message at that sit-in, if I could say it in two words, was “Question Authority.” 


            I have created LEGALCONSEQUENCES.COM so that we stop a moment and ask “How,” how are current events and news stories affected by laws, or the lack thereof.  As part of this process, I will openly discuss morals and ethics, not to be dogmatic, but because these concepts are the backbone of a good and fair legal system.  We only have to look back about 60 years, to Nazi Germany and Russia under Stalin, to see what happens to a society that has laws that are devoid of these values.


            At LEGALCONSEQUENCES.COM, you will find articles, columns and information concerning the interplay between law and society.  Law affects so much of what we do, including what we eat for dinner, which is no coincidence--35 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania in 1787, were lawyers.  Since then, for good and for bad, the influence of lawyers, and laws in our society, has been immense.            


            For LEGALCONSEQUENCES.COM, James Vickman

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